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Have you dropped out of high school and now need to earn your diploma online? If so, Alpha Online High School is a leader in offering the most current and free high school courses which can be completed 100% online at the pace you choose. Unlike many other online high schools, Alpha School offers free enrollment to all students; requiring no tuition at any time during the entire program. Once a student passes the 5-part high school diploma test, they will have the option to order their graduation package which comes with a their high school diploma from Alpha School. Graduates can opt to not order the diploma package and instead go on to learn more about their college and career options and can choose to view more after they complete the test.

Earn Your High School Diploma From Home In Less Than 1 Week!

The Alpha Online High School program is designed for teens and adults who have very little time to earn their high school diploma online. What makes our course different than most is the condensed format which allows students to cover a broad range of high school subjects such as Reading, Writing, Mathematics, English and more in a short timeframe. In fact, most students can successfully finish our entire nline high school diploma class in less than 3 hours! Get back on track today and earn an Alpha high school diploma during your free time and at your pace. Our user-friendly on line high school program helps make earning your diploma that much easier as it will guide you through the stages of the course and notify you of scores in each subject.

Now Accepting New Students! Free Enrollment & Free Study Guide.

Since 2006, Alpha Online High School has offered free enrollment and acceptance for teen and adult students who meet the simple parameters prior to signin up for the program. Our philosophy is simple; offer free high school classes for adults and teens as an alternative to a traditional 4-year high school. Our online high school exam is available to anyone with computer access and now includes a free study guide to help clarify any of the questions as you go along. We have received a positive response with these additional education resources and hope it will help you as well when you are ready to enroll in our high school diploma preparation and testing program. Make sure to save your username and password so that you can use them to log back in.

Lifetime Alpha School Verification Services in Graduation Package

If you are interested in earning your high school diploma for a job, college or trade school, the Alpha program is the ideal choice for you. Most employers these days make it mandatory to have a diploma from high school even for the most basic of jobs. The same goes for colleges, universities and trade schools. We are proud to offer free lifetime verification by our staff for all graduates who have purchased the high school diploma graduation package. The verification service allows the graduate to provide proof through our school counselor confirmation that they did pass our class and with an acceptable score. Only graduates who order the diploma package can review our free lifetime verification. For more info, please contact a school advisor.

Get Affordable & Cheap Payment Plans for Your Graduation Package

Have you passed our high school diploma online test but can't pay the full graduation package price up front? That is okay! Alpha Online High School provides multiple payment plans for graduates who have completed the test and now are ready to purchase the diploma package. Our flexible plans give you the relief to know that your high school diploma is packaged and stored while you are making payments. To ensure we can hold your graduation package too, contact an Alpha School counselor today and have them help set you up on a payment plan. Our standard payment plan splits the payment into 4 weekly installments. We also offer custom plans for graduates who require longer or shorter periods of time to finish their agreement. For more details, contact us.
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